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Vol. XXVII  NO. 3


Winter 2003



Tyler Coplen of Pack 20 working on 2003 popcorn sales at last year’s council banquet.


The Concho Valley Council Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet will take place Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 5:30 PM in the Celebration Hall of the First United Methodist Church, 37 East Beauregard, San Angelo.

The banquet takes place each year as a way of recognizing volunteers and Scouts for outstanding service to the council and to the Boy Scouts of America.  This year’s dinner will be a pot-luck with the council providing the meat, bread and drinks.  Each family attending is asked to bring two dishes (vegetable, salad or dessert).  The cost is $5 per attendee.

The council will recognize individuals receiving veterans awards, the Eagles Scout Class of 2003, Distinguished Commission- ers, and Silver Beaver recipients.  In addition council top popcorn sellers will also be recognized at the dinner.

Another part of the evening program will be to install the new officers for the board of the Concho valley Council and to recognize the outgoing offices for their dedicated service.

Please make plans to attend this year’s banquet. For more information, please call the council office at 325-655-7107, or 800-321-7107.

Over 100 Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews took advantage of changes in this year’s popcorn sale and benefited to the tune of almost $100,000 to use for program in their individual units.  Leaders attributed their success to the change in dates of the sale, improvement in the quality of the prizes for the Scouts and the growing tradition of Scouts selling popcorn.  The council broke an all time high sales recorded in 2000 and increased over last year’s sale by 14 percent.

The top selling district in the council for this year was Amangi Trail with $124,000 in sales, a 28% increase over last year. Amistad District recorded an 11 percent increase with sales of $64,500 and Permian Basin District sold $67,800 missing last year’s mark by three-and-a-half percent.

The honor of council top selling unit goes to Cub Scout Pack 19., of Sonora and the Permian Basin District for selling $11,136.  Second place goes to Cub Scout 244 from Uvalde, Amistad District for doubling last year’s sales by selling $10,983 and for the first time in history a Cub Scout Pack in San Angelo broke the $10,000 mark and earned their place as the council’s third place selling unit, Cub Scout Pack 22 of the Amangi Trail District sold $10,074 with only 24 Scouts selling. Congratulations to all of these top selling units.

Special recognition goes to the following units for tremendous increases in this year’s sale; Amistad District - Pack 202 sold $5000 more popcorn this year, Pack 204 increased by 74 percent, Pack 257 had a 76% increase, Pack 288 doubled last year’s sale, Pack 298 had a 200% increase, Troop 215 doubled last year’s sale, Troop 266 had a 52% increase, Troop 272 increased by more than 236% and Troop 280 doubled last year’s sale.  Amangi Trail District - Pack 14 increased by 543 percent, Pack 12 sold twice as much as last year, Pack 340 recorded an increase of 85 percent, Pack 349 increased by 263 percent, Pack 400 sold four

times as much popcorn as last year, Pack 421 had an increase of over 500%, Pack 447 increased 79%, Pack 452 had an increase of 64 percent, Troop 3 sold 46 percent more this year, Troop 7 and Troop 36 tripled last year’s sales, Troop 44 recorded an increase of almost 75%, Troop 338 increased their sale by more than 800 percent, and Troop 363 sold 67 percent more than last year.  Permian Basin District - Packs 31 and 106 sold 30 percent more than last year, Pack 155 doubled last year’s sale, Pack 428 recorded an increase of over 240 percent and Troop 153 sold 200 percent more popcorn than last year.

Some first-time selling units who had a great sale were; Crew 19 of Sonora—$2000 and Pack 323 of Christoval sold over $6900 their first year.  Great job!

The honor of Top Salesman in the Concho Valley Council goes to  Dusty Strickland of Pack 323 in Christoval.  Dusty sold over $2300 worth of popcorn!  2nd place goes to Tyler Coplen of Pack 20 in San Angelo who sold $2178.  Permian Basin Top Salesman is Cody Ortiz  of Pack 155 in Big Lake who sold $2155.  District Top Salesman for Amistad District was a tie between Jonathan and Christopher Graham of Utopia for sales of $1584.  And the top salesman in the Amangi Trail District is Ian Luellen of Pack 22 in San Angelo for sales of $1280.  Other Scouts who sold over $1000 were Jaron Zalman - Pack 244 Uvalde, Travis Zuberbueler - Troop 153 Ozona, Joshua Fairbanks - Troop 36 Amangi Trail, Hunter Kinyon - Pack 375 San Angelo, John Dennis—Pack 420 Junction, Brandon Leach—Pack 420 Junction, Joseph Garcia—Pack 19 Sonora, Coy Hall—Pack 31 McCamey, Michael Vercher—Troop 3 San Angelo, Dustin Covey—Pack 19 Sonora, Jason  Fisher - Troop 363, Kody Wolfe - Pack 424 Brady, Mykel Martin - Pack 420 Junction, Clinton Winters - Troop 215 Del Rio and Chandler Mikeska - Pack 20 San Angelo.  Congratulations to all of these Scouts on their achievement in this year’s popcorn sale!